Dear clients, collectors and friends of the Raimund Deininger Gallery!

As you have already noticed, we have moved out from the temporary project space in Laudongasse, Vienna, and are currently adapting our new exhibition space.

Due to some delays in taking over and renovation we must postpone the exhibition program in fall 2015 to focus on the preparations for the new gallery space.

Although the gallery is closed, our activities in representing the artists continues. 

If interested, you may get in touch through telephone or e-mail to make an appointment in our depot or for a studio visit of one of the artists. 

All information on the program will be published on our website

In addition we will inform you about my curatorial activities in media art and the Media Art Festival ELMAR 2015 in Seestadt Aspern.

It promisses to be an exciting fall with many new activities and we are already looking forward to the opening of the new gallery space in spring 2016. 

Yours, Raimund Deininger



You can contact us at out temporary office:
Seestadtstraße, Seelab 27/52573
1220 Vienna
Tel. +43 1 310 18 13

U2 Seestadt