“SCATTI” Ivan Cazzola

Opening reception May 20th 2015, 19:00
May 21st – June 24th 2015

Italian fashion photographer and filmmaker Ivan Cazzola is presenting carefully selected fashion images and works from his personal artistic practice.
Collaborations with several labels and magazines have put him in touch with celebrities and took him to metropolis throughout the world.

He has already shot campaigns for Vogue, GQ, Rumor Magazine, DAZED and Superflymag and portrayed personalities such as Juliette Lewis, Ben Frost or the band Hot Chip.

The exhibition SCATTI (Ital. trigger) gives insight to the exposed world of fashion, in front and behind the camera, and shows very personal moments.

Ivan Cazzola follows the life and development of friends, colleagues and family. His interest lies in depicting the hedonism of his generation, torn between excess and high performance, as well as social groups on the edge of society.



Seestadt Aspern

SALoTTo VIENNA is the new cultural format in Vienna, which was newly brought to life in cooperation with aspern Seestadt and ARTPORTAL. Already in summer 2014 and in cooperation with MAK and artprojects the Salon (ital. „Salotto“) took place in Triest/ Italy and attracted ten thousands of visitors with its diverse cultural program. The idea behind the cultural initiative was to take a closer look onto the common history between Austria and Italy.

Now the Salotto Vienna has moved to Seestadt Aspern with a weekly cultural program. It started on New Year’s Eve with contemporary Media Art installations: light projections by Julia Starsky, spreading over the urban landscape, an impressive laser show called „Laser City“ by NEON GOLDEN at midnight and a LED light installation by mediaOpera Vienna and the Media Architecture Insitute.

Art in its purest form is being presented every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 pm on and free of charge. Artists introduce their works through talks and are thought to give insight to working and thinking processes connected to artistic practice. Performances, shows, concerts and media installations communicate various positions in a sensual and entertaining way. DJ Sets on the weekends turn Salotto Vienna into a club location in an unusual way and the Italian barista LUCA spreads mediterranean flair, an aspect Salotto will carry on according to its founding place Triest.

Find details on upcoming events here.

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